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Wood Carving Supplies Company

Christian Hummul provides wood carving tools, wood carving books, wood carving patterns, wood burning tools, carving wood and more to complete your wood carving projects.

We have many hard to find Wood Carving Supplies for the do-it-yourself wood carver. Thousands of items are in stock and ready to ship immediately to you are your wood carving class. At Christian Hummul, we strive to get you the best wood carving products possible and keep you carving more.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a great form of expressing your artistic abilities in wood. Most commonly, we use a wood carving knife to carve part or all of our wood carving projects. The same theories, techniques and ideas can be used in carving other media too. If you like wood carving, you may want to try your hand at fruit & vegetable carving, gourd carving, soap carving, clay or even stone carving.

There are many methods and styles to use in carving wood. You might find yourself using many of them to complete one wood carving project. Here are a few of them:

Wood Carving in the Round
  • Chip Carving.
  • Carving in the Round.
  • Relief Carving.
  • Whittling.
  • Carving Gun Stocks.
  • Tree Bark.
  • Chainsaw Carving.

Wood Carving has been around for centuries and is one of the most beautiful forms of woodworking. Whether it is a walking stick, beautiful sculpture or a Christmas ornament; carvings can serve many purposes.

Wood Carving Tools

Tools are a man's (or woman's) best friend! There is a vast variety of wood carving tools depending on what type of carving you do and how you want to accomplish it. It can be as simple as owning one wood carving knife! Many of us tend to want more though and develop techniques for using different tools. There are many hand tools to choose from including gouges, chisels, carving knives and skew chisels. The major difference is what they do and how much material you need to remove. Most of the small chisels are available in a palm handle or straight handle. The large chisel are made with a heavy handle that gives you control in carving the wood and can be used with mallets.

Power Carving tools can accomplish many of the things hand tools can and sometimes more. For the most part, you will need a motor unit and then can add a hand piece. From there, choose from curving burrs, reciprocating chisels, sanding stones and all kind of power wood carving supplies. You can use power carving tools to rough out your wood, make intricate cuts, and even sand the carving.

Wood Burning Tools

Make your projects stand out with the details you can burn in wood. An integral part of wood carving is how you finish your project. Wood Burning can help you do just that! Our wood burning tools are easy and fun to use. They can be used to make simple highlights or add a lot of detail. The wood burning tools can also be used to create designs in many different substrates like leather, paper card stock, gourds, vegetables, shells, horns or ivory and even cork. After all, you are designing with fire!

We have several different wood burning units. They can be combined with 100's of our woodburning tips. Choose from writing tips, shading, fish scale tips, calligraphy and many others. You'll be amazed at what you can do with you next wood carving.

Wood Carving Patterns

Wood Carving Patterns are an easy way to start a carving project. You need to have a good understanding of what you are carving and what the finished project will look like. The carving plans will give you the size and dimensions along with intricate details to get you working. In most cases, our wood carving patterns are full size. Simply trace onto your piece of wood and start the carving process.

Most of the wood carving patterns are geared toward making carvings in the round. We also have patterns for chip carving, relief carving and sign making. We will be adding more carving patterns and wood carving designs in the near future.

Start with the wood carving pattern that you like, add a few wood carving supplies and you are ready to start carving wood.


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